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Mommies have always been ready to have fun with their babies. They never fell short of activities with babies to make them active. But these activities usually start after a particular age and the tiny little age group gets ignored. There are many activities which you can do for babies under 1 as well. They aren’t old enough to wield a pair of scissors and mess with pipe cleaners, but there are still many activities you can do with babies that help develop both their physical and cognitive skills.

Sensory Play Activities

Sensory play activities are those that stimulate a baby’s senses and encourage him to explore and discover things on his own. The activities listed here help to develop a baby’s muscles, fine motor skills, perception of color, depth and space.

1. Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are really easy to make and you can make them in different themes! Just be sure to make them really safe so that your baby can have fun and you can be stress free.

2. Play Dough

There is something immensely satisfying about moulding playdough in your hands!! And they also give little fingers some good exercise in squishing.

Motor Play Activities

These activities encourage babies to move their muscles more, which helps in improving their gross and fine motor skills, thus increasing their mobility and confidence.

3. Tummy Time Art

In the initial months, babies spend a lot of time on their tummies, so make this time enjoyable! Propping up abstract patterns like this one will keep babies interested as they bat and swish at it.

4. Fine Motor Activities

Dropping straws into a bottle is just one of the host of activities that your baby can do that gives him good scope to exercise all his fine motor skills, while having fun and exploring at the same time!

My Suggestions

5. Egg Sort

Okay, we don’t use real eggs here! Hand your little one a bunch of plastic balls and let him stack it into the slots of an empty egg carton.

6. Making Tikkis

Let your junior masterchef help by rolling out tikkis or making patties with their hands. It’s a great way to exercise their finger muscles as well as inculcate a love for cooking!

7. Passing Objects Through Pipe

If you have a long pipe at home, you have a very sophisticated toy! There are many things you can do with a pipe, one of which is passing little objects through it.

8. Colour Play

Even young babies can identify colours, so ask them to put all red toys in a basket, or bring all the blue blocks to Mamma.

9. Cutouts on the Wall

This is a great game for when the lights go out! Darken the room, point a torch and ask your baby, “What is that?”

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