Skin allergies usually involve the formation of skin lesions in a widespread manner. These allergies can vary from person to person in appearance, feel, effects, etc. Since these skin allergies are of various types, the treatments for them vary as well. They may cover a large part of the skin, or even occur at one small area of skin.

There are some skin allergies that do not need to be treated medically and just clear up on their own. While some allergies can be treated at home, some may need special attention, medically. Some allergies may be moist or dry, smooth or bumpy, or even cracked or blistered. There are skin allergies that can even be painful and very itchy.

The most common causes of skin allergies are allergic reactions to medications, contact dermatitis, and bodily infections. Read ahead to learn more about these causes. Don’t miss out the home remedies for skin allergies at the end of this article that are extremely effective and useful!

Causes of Skin Allergies

Allergic Reactions to Medications

Consuming certain medications may cause skin allergies in some people. This is either a side effect of the medication, or simply an allergic reaction to it. Medications like antibiotics are known to cause photosensitivity of skin. Under this condition, the person’s skin becomes more susceptible to the sunlight. This leads to a burn-like rash to form on the skin.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis causes skin allergies very commonly. It occurs as a reaction of the skin to something that it has touched. Under this condition, the skin becomes inflamed and reddish, forming a rash. This rash is usually oozy and weepy in nature. Contact dermatitis may be caused by the following- beauty products, dyes in clothes, chemicals like latex or rubber, poisonous plants like sumac or poison ivy.

Bodily Infections

Bodily infections may be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. These skin allergies usually result in a rash. These rashes further depend on the type of infection caused. For example, fungal infections usually cause rashes that are itchy.

Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

  • Always use soaps that are mild and avoid the ones that are scented. To be safe, you can go for baby soaps if you are having a skin allergy. Baby soaps are usually the very mild in nature, since they are aimed for baby skin.
  • Do not use hot water on your rash or skin allergy. Lukewarm water is best for these cases, but so is not the case for hot water.
  • Do not cover the skin allergy or rash and allow it to breathe. Covering the rash with a bandage will actually cause more skin irritation.
  • Do not itch or rub the rash or allergy. This will increase it. Instead, if you get the urge to itch it, just pat on it for relief.
  • Do not use scented moisturizers on the rash or allergy. Always go for unscented moisturizers, especially if the rash is dry in nature.
  • Do not scratch the rash at any cost.
  • If the rash or skin allergy started after using newly purchased products, stop using those products ASAP. Those products might be the ones causing the rash.
  • If your rash itches very badly, go for Cortisone creams. These creams are known to ease itching.

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