Stretch marks are normal. They usually occur when the skin is overstretched. It is natural to get them during pregnancy, or during rapid weight gain. Even though stretch marks don’t really harm our body in any way, we usually try to get rid of them postpartum. Most women want this so that they can go back to feeling their “normal” bodies.

A lot has already been said about preventing, or getting rid of stretch marks. People use various oils, lotions and other household remedies to get rid of or to prevent these marks from forming at the first place. While most of these remedies may work effectively, we still try to look for a remedy that has no side effects. And what if we tell you that there IS a remedy with no side effects? And it also provides other benefits to your body along with reversing your stretch marks?

This is possible with yoga. Even though it is a recent claim that yoga can effectively reverse stretch marks, there are people who have seen results! The main reason which must convince you to try out yoga for reversing your marks is that, even if it doesn’t work the way you thought, your body would still benefit from regular yoga! It’s like a win-win situation for you, which you must not miss at any cost!

Does Yoga Really Reverse Stretch Marks?             

There are many health benefits that yoga offers. Cardiovascular health, flexibility, overall strength, better sleep, to name a few. What makes us believe that yoga can reverse stretch marks? It is its ability to enhance the blood circulation in the human body. Biologically, when blood circulation is improved, the cellular regeneration is increased as well. This means, the healing process of the skin is speeded up. This could mean that the healing of marks is speeded up.

Apart from this, it is also known that Pranayama or breathing exercises have certain benefits to offer for skin improvement. These exercises also improve the elasticity of the skin, which also suggests that yoga might help in reversing these marks.

Our Verdict

It is a guarantee that yoga does help in improving blood circulation in the body. And if we see the outcomes or results of improved blood circulation in the body, there is a chance that yoga actually might help in reversing stretch marks up to some extent. If we think practically, then yoga might be able to speed up the entire recovery process of skin. This would result in recovery of marks, at a faster rate than usual. Yes, it is true that one might not be able to see immediate results by performing yoga for reversing stretch marks. But is practiced regularly and consistently, there is a chance that the overall process of skin recovery postpartum may be speeded up. This means, you will be able to get rid of those stretch marks sooner!

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